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Youth Strike 4 Climate - Royal Latin School

Students at the school stike


It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to speak at the School Strike 4 Climate organised by the students at the Royal Latin School last Friday.

My full speech:

Thank you so much for welcoming me to speak today. My name is Robert, I’m a Green Party activist from Oxfordshire and a local election candidate this year.

We’re here again today this Friday because our political leaders continue to fail on climate. Over 600 of our 650 MPs failed to attend the first debate on climate change in the House of Commons in 2 years. We are all responsible for holding their feet to the fire on the most important issue of our time.

To stop climate breakdown: We don’t need more toothless international negotiations, we don’t need more warm words from politicians, and we certainly don’t need more airports, fracking and fossil fuel use. What we need, now more than ever, is real climate action!

Decisions being made by our government are driving us closer and closer to environmental collapse. And no wonder they’re making these choices, they’re kept in power by the climate denying dinosaurs in the DUP. We can’t continue with politicians that simply pay lip service to environmentalism - or worse - actively deny the crisis we’re facing.

This is simply not good enough. Don’t stand for it!

Instead of this woeful inaction, we need a frequent flyer levy, a renewable energy revolution and affordable, energy efficient homes for all. We need education, not just on what climate change is, but what can be done to stop it.

And these changes must come now because we know what the science is telling us. We know we have less than 12 years to solve this. But our political leaders are failing us, and if they continue to fail us, we must remove them from office and replace them with people that will take the action we need.

The government must declare a climate emergency now! They’re spending billions on nuclear weapons we’ll never use whilst continuing to block onshore wind farms and scrapping incentives for rooftop solar. This utter madness can’t go on!

Young people have done so much to reshape the debate around climate change and amplify the call to action in such a short space of time. Across the world more and more students are finding their voice.

And it is now, more than ever, we need individual citizens to take action. When the Prime Minister tells you the climate crisis is none of your concern, it’s because she’s scared. She’s scared because she knows she hasn’t done her homework on the climate, she hasn’t done her job.

So you must keep striking, lobby your representatives, sign petitions, and encourage people you know to vote Green. And if you keep pushing hard for action, you will get it. By forcing local and national governments to make change, you can resist the worst effects of climate breakdown. This fight can be won!

Written on March 22, 2019