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Your choice in Bicester South and Ambrosden on May 2nd

Robert Nixon with Cllr Nick Cotter

With polling stations opening next week in Bicester and the rest of Cherwell for the local elections, a quick message from me about your choice in Bicester South and Ambrosden:

I, along with the rest of the members of the North Oxfordshire Green Party, are wholeheartedly backing the excellent Nick Cotter (Independent) for Bicester South and Ambrosden.

Nick is a champion of this community and constantly works hard to solve local issues all year round. Most importantly for me, Nick is a great supporter of strong action to tackle the climate crisis. With just over a decade to fix this according to the IPCC report released last year, we need to take what action we can locally as a matter of urgency.

Your choice in Bicester South and Ambrosden is between Labour, Conservatives and Nick.

The Conservatives have an abysmal record on tackling the climate crisis. They’ve shafted renewable energy and forced fracking on local communities who rejected it. When school children deeply concerned about our impact on the planet decided to stand up and be heard in school strikes for climate, their leader Theresa May belittled their action and told them to get back to school. The Conservative Party are part of the problem not the solution.

Meanwhile the Labour Party in Cherwell promises action on climate change but fails to deliver. At the last election, they promised to install more electric vehicle charging points throughout the district. Since then, there’s been virtually no expansion of the network. It’s clear then that Labour can’t be trusted to act on this most important issue of our time.

Nick is the only candidate in Bicester South and Ambrosden committed to doing what he can to protect our natural environment. He’s a great defender of Bicester’s green spaces and has committed to supporting a declaration of a climate emergency in Cherwell.

Besides his dedication to our area and protecting our natural world, Nick is also a genuinely caring person who will help and support you with any local issues you’re facing. He has a wealth of experience having been involved in local politics for many years and is keen to continue his good work.

On May 2nd, I’ll be voting Nick Cotter for Bicester South and Ambrosden and I hope you will too.

Written on April 26, 2019