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I think we can all agree that the electoral achievements of the Young Greens over the past year have been phenomenal. We’ve elected fantastic young councillors across the country from Norwich to Brighton to Devon. The Young Greens also played an instrumental role in getting Magid elected to the European Parliament.

I’m standing to be elected a non-portfolio officer in these elections and would look to take on the role of elections officer. Blake has done an amazing job with this over the past year but has taken the understandable decision not to re-stand. I believe I have the skills to take this excellent work forward. I’ve gained a detailed knowledge of elections from acting as agent for all Green Party candidates in the Cherwell District and running my own election campaign. I’m also about to take my knowledge even further through attending campaigns school 4.

This role is so vital and needed now because council chambers up and down the country rarely represent the views, hopes and aspirations of the young people they serve. I myself watched on from the public gallery as Cherwell DC councillors declared a climate emergency but then, with seemingly no regard for our collective future on this planet, the very same councillors voted to build unaffordable homes over precious greenbelt. On everything from the climate crisis to issues of equality to fair pay and housing, the old politics is failing our generation.

Getting Young Greens like Jamie, Hannah, Nannette, Sara, Martin, Jo and Amy elected challenges this old politics and makes the change we need. From being a Green Party town councillor myself I’ve seen first hand how having a Green councillor changes people’s view of politics. Disillusionment turns to hope for a better world whenever a Green is elected.

Please consider voting for me as your first preference for non-portfolio officer. Together we will stand up for our futures, together we will elect Young Greens all across England and Wales!

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Written on August 13, 2019