Global Academy Jobs

Junior Web Developer • April 2018 - Present

Key Responsibilities

  • Applying technical knowledge to a social enterprise project called The Global Academy. Providing technical knowledge to the decision making process and developing features required for the project website


  • Writing and maintaining Python scripts used to retrieve job advertisements from client's jobs boards and import them into the GAJobs website ready for moderation.
  • Deploying these Python scripts onto a virtual machine running on MS Azure.
  • Editing and uploading job advertisements to Global Academy Jobs' academic jobs board.
Technologies Used
Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git Version Control, Drupal, MS Azure

I joined Global Academy Jobs at the end of my first year of university. After 1 month I was offered a 10 week full time internship part funded by Santander's Universities SME internship scheme. After this I've continued completing various technical tasks whilst progressing with my university studies.

Develop 1 Ltd

Work Experience Student • July 2016

I joined Develop 1 for a week of work experience after finishing my AS Levels. Whilst there I worked on managing and maintaining SQL databases with MS server management studio. I also learned about the admin side of running a small business, for example I was put in change of calculating the expenses for the company for the past year.


Oxford Brookes University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science • 2017 — 2021

I've completed 10 modules to date. They are Understanding Programming (Python), Networking and Multimedia, Foundations of Computer Systems, Professional Software System Design, Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (Java), Software Development Environments, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Development with C and C++ and Foundations of Security. Current GPA = 4.0

Wheatley Park School

A-Levels • 2015 — 2017

Achieved Grade A Mathematics, Grade B Computer Science and Grade C Physics. In addition Grade C AS Further Mathematics and Grade A Level 3 Extended Project Qualification.

The Cooper School

GCSEs • 2010 — 2015

11 GCSEs grades A* - B including A grades in Mathematics and B grades in English

Volunteer Experience

North Oxfordshire Green Party

Various Roles • 2015 — Present

Chair (2018 - Present) :- I'm responsible for the overall running of the branch. This includes organizing and chairing meetings, helping to oversee the direction of the party locally and running events.

Web Developer (2015 - Present) :- Before I joined the Green Party my local branch had no website and were reliant of Facebook and Twitter for their online presence. I created a website for them and have continued the update and adapt it as requirements change. You can find the website at


Co-chair (2017-2018)

Membership Secretary (2017 - Present) :- I manage the branch membership records. This includes using CiviCRM and making sure that members are informed about news and upcoming events.

Vice Chair (2015 - 2017) :- I assisted the Chair with the overall running of the branch including the organization and chairing of meetings and the organization of events.

The Green Party of England and Wales

Party Member • 2015 — Present


Creator, Writer, Video Host, Video Editor and Web Developer • 2016 — Present

Computing Tutor is a website and YouTube channel which aims to help users understand Computer Science topics through video tutorials.


Computing Tutor Android Application

Android Developer • 2017 — Present

A native Android client for viewing Computing Tutor videos on the go.


Languages and Software Development Tools

Python, Java, C, C++, HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, CSS, JavaScript, Git Version Control, NetBeans, PyCharm, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code

Operating Systems

Linux/Unix, Windows

Other Software Tools

GIMP, Kdenlive, LibreOffice, MS Office, Google Drive

Outside Interests

  • Computers and Computer Science in particular programming languages and operating systems
  • Green Politics
  • Gaming on Linux
  • Linux and FOSS in general
  • Electric vehicles and other low/zero emission transport