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I’m seeking election to the Young Greens executive committee (EC) as a non-portfolio officer and if elected I would take on an elections portfolio.

Why do I think EC needs an elections officer this year? Due to Covid-19, the local elections that were due to happen this year will now happen in 2021. The number of campaigns to support is a challenge, but it also presents a huge opportunity to, I think, at least double the number of elected Young Greens we have across England and Wales. In addition to an increased number of local elections it’s also important to remember that we’ll have other elections to campaign in too. I’m keen to support the Wales Young Greens in delivering a strong campaign in the Welsh Parliament elections and there are also other campaigns, such as mayoral elections, where the Young Greens should play an important role in the party’s campaign.

It will be an immense task to deliver the impact that I believe the Young Greens should have in these elections which is why I think the EC should have an officer for the job. As soon as it is safe to do so I want to see the Young Greens start getting our activists involved on the ground in supporting inspiring Young Green candidates, many of whom are already selected. Whilst there are still restrictions on the activities we can do, I’d work on producing a strategy for the 2021 elections in collaboration with regional and local Young Greens groups and I’d contribute to the organising of more online events, which have been a great way to keep members engaged during this time.

I believe I have the experience the committee needs to take the Young Greens into these elections. In 2019, I supported the delivery of the South East Young Greens local election plans which helped elect three Young Green councillors to Brighton and Hove city council. At the same time, in Oxfordshire, I ran my own campaign in which I became the first Green Party councillor to sit on Bicester Town Council. Later in the year I ran the South East Young Greens general election campaign, in collaboration with the current executive committee, which saw us mobilise Young Greens to campaign in the Isle of Wight and Lewes, key campaigns in the South East. Furthermore I’ve attended campaign school and have a strong knowledge of the party’s elections strategy, which I’ve been involved in implementing locally in Oxfordshire Green Party.

I hope that you’ll consider voting for me so that together we can deliver the Young Greens best ever election results in 2021.


PlaceholderCatriona Sibert, Nottingham

Every time I've worked with Robert he's been thoughtful, determined, thorough and reliable. Having been on the committee for the last year, I know much much value these qualities will add to the Young Greens' work, and I know he'll work his absolute socks off!

PlaceholderMatthew Hull, Camden

The Young Greens Executive Committee would benefit so much from having Rob as a member. Rob has the determination and experience to be an excellent lead on elections work, and I think it's absolutely crucial that Rob is on the committee for such a massive year ahead.

PlaceholderHannah Graham, Brent

Robert has been a driving force in the Young Greens. He has bags of experience in both supporting local parties with local elections efforts, and getting Young Greens elected, two elements which will be absolutely paramount in this role. Would love to see Robert elected to the Young Greens Executive Committee!

PlaceholderThomas Kiley, Oxfordshire

Robert must be one of the hardest working members of the Green Party!

PlaceholderEllen Parry, North Surrey

I have worked with Robert on the South East Young Greens committee and have been so impressed with his commitment, organisation and passion for the Young Greens. As an elected Young Green councillor, Robert would be an excellent asset to have on the team and has my full support!

PlaceholderDan Kedem

Rob is dedicated, solidly on the left of the Party and has always been on the right side of the argument for example on UTR.

PlaceholderRaphael Hill, Brighton and Hove

Robert has been incredibly hard working on the South East Young Greens Committee as Co-Chair. He really brings the best out of others by being on top of things and it's good to have elected Councillors like Robert on the national committee.

PlaceholderRhianna Rees, East Berkshire

I have never met a more committed individual to the green party ideals, he's ethical, intelligent and driven.

PlaceholderRowan Munson, Oxfordshire

Robert Nixon is a dedicated and dependable member of our team here in Oxfordshire Green Party and South East Young Greens. He has a great track-record supporting Young Green candidates to success, and strategically mobilising activists behind priority campaigns. He has the knowledge, skills and experience required to deliver success in 2021, and is a real pleasure to work with too!

PlaceholderJamie Osborn, Norwich

Robert has shown so much commitment to supporting Young Greens and he's been an inspiration. Young Greens are lucky to have him!

PlaceholderCameron Palin, Isle of Wight

I'll be voting for Robert due his strong track record for getting Young Greens Elected across the country and his ability to help grow and inspire our movement.

PlaceholderParis Hayes, Bolton

Robert is a valued asset and a credit to the Young Greens. His efforts to become the first Green town councillor in Bicester is an example of his dedication to both the residents he represents and The Green Party as a whole. He will make an excellent non-portfolio Officer on the Young Greens Executive.

PlaceholderSam Alston, Harringay

I have had the pleasure to work with Robert a number of times I can safely say that he is one of the most committed, reliable and organised activists in the Party. A one man leaflet delivery machine who has supported Young Greens across the country, he is the only councillor I have heard positive things about third hand (from a non Green) and massively supportive of other Greens.

PlaceholderGeorgia Saunders, Mid Sussex / Arundel & South Downs

Robert is not only the most committed, intelligent, experienced and passionate young green around but he is also one cool dude. 10/10 human. 10/10 young green.

PlaceholderNannette Youssef, Norwich

I’ve worked with Robert extensively as a fellow Young Greens councillor and have been extremely impressed by his dedication to the role, which I’m sure he will be bring to the Young Greens executive. His knowledge, experience and commitment of the role are truest exceptional.

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